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ONLY $30

Time: 45 Mins
The Shellac is perfect for the client who normally has manicures, and is too busy to come in every week. The gel hardens and protects your nail naturally. They will not chip up to 14 Days, easy to remove and without damage your natural nail.

ONLY $15

Time: 20 Mins
Classic Manicure begins with a warm soak while your nails are shaped, cuticle are conditioned, relax with hot towel cleaning, followed by special cream massage make your hand soft and smooth, and then finished with your choice of color polish.

ONLY $18

Time: 20 mins
Nails cut, filed and shaped, cuticles cleaned, a hydrating cream massage followed by an option to finish with a nail buffing to bring out a smooth shine.

Add on : Paraffin wax - $10
Collagen glove - $10
Hot stone shoulder massage - $10

ONLY $30.0

Time: 30mins
For the client that needs extra attention to address dryness and cuticle issues. We will shape your nails and tend to the cuticles. A light sugar scrub exfoliations, followed by a therapeutic and hydrating paraffin wax to restore moisture back into the nails and cuticles.
Your arms and hands are massages with special massage cream along with a hot towel. Then we will finish up with your choice of color polish.

ONLY $35

Time: 45 mins
Your nail shaping, cuticle grooming, and your choice of differently scented exfoliating scrubs and hydrating masque, a therapeutic hot towel wrap, a soothing massage, as well as the hot stone reflexology shoulder massage. To moisturize and hydrate rough, dry skin, the paraffin treatment will leave skin silky and smooth. This ultimate relaxing experience will conclude with polish to grace your beautified nails.

ONLY $28

Nails cut, filed and shaped, cuticles cleaned, hydrating lotion, polish, finished with a touch of nail art.


Only $35 / 40 Mins

For Gentleman and women
A fizz bath relaxes, filed and shaped, cuticles cleaned, Callus smoothed a circus light sugar scrub exfoliation. 10 minutes massage with hot stone 2 hot towers clean and polish.

Only $27/ 30 Mins

Nails cut, filed and shaped, cuticles and feet cleaned sugar scrub exfoliation. Calluses removed, 5 minutes lotion massage, 2 hot towers wrap, finished with polish

Only $45/ 45 Mins

Feet soak in an invigorating peppermint bath.
Nails cut, filed and shaped, cuticles cleaned, calluses smoothed.
Peppermint Scrub
20 minutes Heated stones deeply relax and help warm up tight muscles, Mask with hot towel wrap. Polish your choice

ONLY $49/50 Mins

Your choice of the scents

Relaxing with fizz bath soak
Callus treatment, nail shaping, cuticle grooming
Exfoliating scrubs
Enjoy a glass of wine
5 minutes shoulder massage during foot masque apply a therapeutic hot towel wrap
10 mins the hot stone reflexology massage
Hydrate by the foot cream. This ultimate relaxing experience will conclude with polish to grace your beautified nails

Only 59 / 60 Min

Your choice of the packet

- Packet includes a callus treatment, nail shaping, cuticle grooming
- Exfoliating scrubs
- Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine
- 5 minutes shoulder massage during foot masque apply a therapeutic hot towel wrap
- 15 mins the hot stone reflexology massage
- Hot Paraffin Dip
- To moisturize and hydrate by the foot cream
- This ultimate relaxing experience will conclude with polish to grace your beautified nails - Mask apply with hot towel wrap
- Hydrate by the foot cream. This ultimate relaxing experience will conclude with polish to grace your beautified nails

Only $69 / 60 Mins

Herb spa Treatments are rich in natural ingredient for a Detoxifying
Your choice of the herbal soak
Exfoliate Scrub
Soothe mask
15 mins Massage with hot stone
Hydrate by The Paraffin wax

Herbal ingredients: Green tea, Lemongrass, Rosemary
Herbal ingredients: Peppermint and Lavender
Herbal ingredients: Rose and Lavender
Herbal ingredients: Ginger root, Green Tea, AND Lemon


Healthy Dipping Powder

Healthy dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer and no UV light. It is for healthy nails, unlike acrylics. This will last for more than 14 days with a durable finish while having no damage. SNS are much thinner, lightweight, easy to do and most importantly, helps your clients' nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium. Healthy Products are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free.

Solar White / Pearl Tip Full Set
Solar White / Pearl Tip Fill
Solar Regular Full Set
Solar Regular Fill
Solar Pink & White Full
Solar Pink & White Fill
Color Powder Full Set
Same Color Powder Fill
Different Color Powder fill
Shellac With Full Set
Shellac With Refill
Ombre Color Powder Full set
Ombre Color Powder Full set



Waxing provides smoother and longer lasting results by removing the hair from the root, whereas shaving cuts the hair right below the skin’s surface, causing a prickly feel days after shaving.
First, we cleanse the area to remove any makeup, oils or lotions that may reduce the quality of your wax from taking place.
Next, we protect the skin with our soothing pre-wax oil.
Then, it’s time for your wax. Our wax applied at a warm, luxurious-bath-water temperature. However, because everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, we highly recommend that you make your Wax Specialist aware of any discomfort if you feel the wax is too warm. Hard wax, also referred to as a strip-less wax, gets its name from the actual wax cooling and hardening after application onto the skin. The wax itself is then removed without the use of a cloth strip.
Finally, we rejuvenate the area by applying our Smooth Hair Serum formulated to help prevent and clear ingrown hairs and breakouts as well as calm and nourish the skin. This deluxe product is also available in our centers for purchase.

Eyebrow (Ladies)
Eyebrow (Men)
Full face
Full arm
$35 +
Half arm
$45 +
Full leg
$59 +
Half leg
$39 +
Bikini Line

is a basic tidying; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top. If you’re wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from “peeking out”.


is the next step and allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like from the front. If you want to leave a small “strip”, triangle, square, or nothing at all, it’s up to you.


Goes from the front, all the way to the back with an added butt strip. This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front. Choose the style that best fits you.


Paraffin Wax
Chrome / Holographic
Shellac on top service
Shellac take off
Nail Repair
$5 each
$5 & u
Nail Shape:
Stilettos, Almond, Coffin
$5/ Sho
Stilettos, Almond, Coffin
$10/ Long
Long nail
$5 +
Cuticle Trim with Service
Take Off with Service
Take Off without Service
Polish Change hands
Polish Change toes
Polish Change French tip hands
Polish Change French tip toes

Tint and Hanna Brows

Hanna Brows and shapping
Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping
Eyebrow Tinting and Shaping
Eyelash Tinting
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash Extensions

New set (Synthetic mink lash)

Retail $129

New set (Real Mink Lash)

Retail $199

New set Ellipse HD Lash
SALE $90

Retail $159

(Get the thick look without adding any weight. Bond stronger and lighter)

New set (3D-4D)
SALES $129

Retail $249

New set (5D-6D)
SALES $149

Retail $299

Classic (under 20 days)
Mink (under 20 days)
Ellipse (under 20 days)
Volume (3D-4D) (under 20 days)
Volume (5D-6D) (under 20 days)
Classic (3 - 4 Weeks)
Mink (3 - 4 Weeks)
Ellipse (3 - 4 Weeks)
Volume (3D-4D) (3 - 4 Weeks)
Volume (5D-6D) (3 - 4 Weeks)
Classic (4 - 5 Weeks)
Mink (4 - 5 Weeks)
Ellipse (4 - 5 Weeks)
Volume (3D-4D) (4 - 5 Weeks)
Volume (5D-6D) (4 - 5 Weeks)
Upgrade to Natural Mink Lashes
Upgrade to Ellipse HD lashes
Upgrade to Volume Set (3D-4D)
Upgrade to Volume Set (4D -6D)
Color Lashes

A fun way to make your eyelash any color you want. Step out the boring classic extension

Bottom Lashes
Lash Lift and tint
Extension Removal - Current Client
Extension Removal - New Client

* All services are performed by our highly trained specialists. All full sets include a one week complimentary

Appointments & Cancellations

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. A valid credit card is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Late cancellations or no-shows will be subject to a fee equal to 100% of the service price. All new sets require a deposit of 25% of the total service price due at the time of booking. The deposit will be fully refunded in compliance with our cancellation policy


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Anti-Acne Facial
Sale $79


Acne can occur at any age and range in different types. Skin with acne has breakouts and possible lesions that leave your skin inflamed and sensitive. This treatment will unclog pores, soothe inflammation, prevent future breakouts and heal existing lesions.

Sensitive Skin Facial
Sale $79


Daily stress such as environment, diet, and sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on the skin. Let our Sensitive Skin Facial calm and soothe your skin while hydrating, balancing and toning to bring your skin back to its natural beauty.

Antioxidant/Hydrating Facial
Sale $79


The best facial designed for environmental defense. This anti-oxidant facial fights the damages of free radicals at the deepest level without any harshness. This treatment leaves your skin feeling renewed, revitalized and hydrated.

Skin Brightening Facial
Sale $79


It is time to brighten your skin! Diminish uneven skin or hyperpigmentation. This superior facial promotes clarity, radiance, and suppleness allowing your skin to feel blissfully bright and refreshed.

Men’s Fitness Facia
$69 / 50-60min

A deep cleansing and purifying facial designed exclusively for a man’s skin. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated using products rich in antioxidants to repair and revitalize areas damaged by the sun and free radicals. A strong man always puts his best face forward.

Back Facial
$69 / 45 -

This 60-minute treatment includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, and masking. It is excellent for clients who have experienced back acne.


I Peel- Ormedic Lift

SKIN TYPES: unbalanced, aging, smoker's complexion, dehydrated, sensitive, travelers, aging
This facial treatment is designed for unbalanced, sensitive skin. Ideal for pregnant woman as well, this organic based facial treatment naturally exfoliates with fruit enzymes and pulp of passion fruit, papaya, pineapple and pumpkin to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells without acids of chemicals. Organic Japanese Green Tea and Idebenone are infused into the skin for deep hydration. Your skin will appear vibrant and renewed!

I Peel-The Signature facelift

SKIN TYPES: Rosacea, dull/tired, pregnant, dry/dehydrated, smoker's complexion, dull/tired, post-microdermabrasion, post-surgery
Imagine walking away in 45 minutes with tighter and brighter skin. With this facial treatment, you can! Four layers of vitamins and enzymes will penetrate to tighten the skin. Your face will then be drenched in moisture and you will walk away with a healthy glow!
PRODUCT: 30% Vitamin C/Enzyme Solution

Wrinkle Lift Treatment Peel

Level 1 & Level 2 (with Enhancers)
SKIN TYPES: all levels of skin aging, pigmentation disorders
Give aging skin a lift with this glycolic and retinol enhanced treatment. Your face will be cleaned and degreased before applying this highly concentrated solution. The solution will then be rinsed off of the skin and an enzyme enriched masque applied. Hydrating hyaluronic acid and a vitamin C anti aging serum will be gently massaged into the skin. A vitamin enriched eye crème will be applied along with a balancing lip enhancing treatment. New cells will form to create new collagen and younger skin!
PRODUCT: 40% Glycolic/Retinol Resurfacing Solution

Lightening Lift Peel

SKIN TYPES: superficial pigmentation, sun damage/brown spots, uneven skin tone
Level 1 & Level 2 (with Enhancers)
Perfect for the sun worshipper of the past! If your skin tone appears uneven, dull and visible of superficial brown spots then this facial treatment is designed for you. This Alpha Hydroxy based formula helps to reduce surface sun damage and lighten skin tone. Skin will be deeply cleansed before the Alpha Hydroxy based formula is applied to shed the damaged skin. Your skin will appear lighter, smoother and refreshed. A series of six peels is recommended every two weeks
PRODUCT: 50% Lactic/Kojic Resurfacing Solution

The MAX Peel

Level 1
The perfect peel for skin that is in need of correction, prevention, and Nutrition. A nourishing, relaxing and rejuvenating 30-minute treatment that will leave your skin radiating with a dewy, youthful glow.
PRODUCT: 30% Vitamin C/Enzyme Solution
SKIN TYPES: all skin types

Beta Lift Peel

SKIN TYPES: severe grades of acne - most effective on grades 3 & 4, back and chest acne
Level 1
A professional medical grade chemical peel dramatically promotes cell renewal, resulting in smoother, tighter skin. It reduces surface bacteria, resulting in fewer acne breakouts, brightens the skin and lightens hyperpigmentation.
PRODUCT: 20% Salicylic Acid Resurfacing Solution

Dermatude - The Facelift Alternative


Meta Therapy (Dermatude)
Dermatude treatment
What is Meta Therapy?

The latest innovation to hit the beauty industry.
Meta Therapy stands for Medical Esthetical Tissue Activating Therapy. A new method for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, hydration and repair of the skin. Meta Therapy is the latest treatment for skin improvement with great results. Similar to Micro-Needling and Collagen Induction Therapy.

For whom is this treatment suitable?
Anyone who is AGEING! This unique new treatment is suitable for a variety of skin types, including Aging, lackluster, dry to the very dry skin, crackle skin, mature skin, damaged skin by example (too) much sun or tanning bed, post-operative skin, smoker’s skin or sagging skin. How does the Meta Therapy work?
Using the Dermatude Meta-Ject FX 50 and the handpiece along with a disposable one time use, ultra-thin needle cartridge, micro-perforations are made in the skin. Introducing the active ingredients of the chosen subjectable serums for added benefit. This treatment is comfortable with little to NO downtime. The skin will repair this invisible micro-perforations immediately and will produce collagen and elastin, so the natural repair mechanisms of the skin come into force. The skin is restored from the inside out by cellular regeneration, a completely natural process. Each treatment is completed with a cellulose peptide mask for additional hydration and wrinkle reducing support.

Course of treatment
Meta Therapy is recommended in course of treatment of 4 weekly treatments. Then, the treatment can be reduced to one treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months. Subsequently, 1 treatment every 2 to 3 months, sufficient to retain the result.

The Meta Therapy treatment:
The treatments are performed with serums called Subjectables. These subjectable, each with their own specific operation as previously described, during treatment with microneedles into the skin. So besides the regenerative effect from inside the skin itself, will take you outside of active substances into the skin. A double action with great results.

The results after a Meta Therapy treatment:
Meta Therapy gives the same results as the skin improvement methods mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, rollers, and needling, but combined together all in one technique! The great advantage of Meta Therapy is that there is little or no recovery time because the protective function of the skin is not affected. Makeup can even be worn the following day. Meta Therapy can be applied to the entire face, neck, and décolleté and even very focused attention on individual wrinkles.

Wrinkle treatment with the Meta Therapy method
In addition to treating the entire face, neck and décolleté, with special techniques can be treated as individual wrinkles. Every single wrinkle can be treated. The skin will fill the wrinkle from the inside and the wrinkles are flatter with a youthful appearance as a result. There are no injections were performed and no fillers injected. It is the skin itself that fills wrinkles from within. A purely natural process, no chemicals, no fillers, no toxins!

Face, Neck & Décolleté
Full series of 8
Recommended for Optimal

Derma Pen


Derma pen skin needling is the most advanced non-surgical anti-aging and scar reducing treatment available today. It all began in 1999 when a renowned plastic surgeon called Dr. Des Fernandes of South Africa, presented his findings on the powerful collagen producing and anti-wrinkle, scar healing benefits of skin needling to a group of prolific doctors and skin specialists at a medical conference in San Francisco. This presentation caused a sensation in the medical skincare community with many doctors and cosmetologists starting to offer skin needling for wrinkles, scarring, acne marks, open pores, fine lines, deep hydration and to create a younger looking dermis over 6 consecutive treatments. Usually performed 2 weeks apart, the results were spectacular and the popularity of micro skin needling began to increase. Soon a more advanced method was developed. This is called Derma Pen. Derma Pen micro skin needling works by creating trauma to the skin which then causes an increase in collagen and elastin as the skin heals. The derma pen device consists of a high-speed rotation with needles at varying lengths. It is less painful and more advanced than hand-held rollers of old. Although skin rollers are an excellent home treatment, they are not as effective as the super fast derma pen micro skin needling system which is now considered the gold standard by doctors and cosmetologists worldwide. The best advice is to apply a nutrient-rich serum containing plant-based collagen, hyaluronic acid or peptides to hydrate and aid in skin repair. Each micro perforation created with the derma pen micro skin needling results in new skin, new collagen and new elastin and acts as a "well" where hydration can enter the skin deeply. That means younger looking skin, improvements to acne scars, reduced wrinkles and reduced pores in 6 weeks.

Special Offer Package Derma Pen
Plastic surgeons agree that 6 consecutive treatments of derma pen micro skin needling carried out 2 weeks apart is best for optimal results. This is the protocol for acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and general skin rejuvenation. Results are exceptional when this protocol is followed and the use of recommended repairing serums are added for home usage. The collagen is laid down in the upper dermis just below the basal layer of skin 5 - 7 days post-treatment. Redness may persist for this time but makeup can be applied.

Package price $189 per treatment, $1,134 for the course of 6 as recommended by plastic surgeons.